a new year

Welcome! Welcome to my blog, and my first post ♥

As 2018 comes close to beginning, I’ve been contemplating my focus up until now, my focus for the new year, and the words God has been speaking over my heart. Upon considering what these could be, I felt these whispers; patience, trust, and placed.

Suddenly, just as quickly as I had asked for them, the answers to my recent heart struggles were settled neatly in front of me, begging to be put into practice. I have yet to rid myself of the feeling I don’t belong where I am; He has reminded me I am placed for a reason. I feel like what I desire is too far out of reach, and have been tempted to force the prayers I want answered; He has reminded me to have patience. And, as a finale to His gentle reminders, He spoke trust, so that I might find it within me to let go of my many, many worries.

With the dawning of this new year, I want to press the reminder that He is with us. He has something to say for every second we draw breath, and I pray that the words on any and all future posts will be what you need to hear, exactly when you need to hear it ♥

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