You’re my cross, the thorn in my side
I see your curls, the way you admire them
I look at your curves and edges, the way you carry them
I see your beauty, love, finally
And I do love you, I promise
But I meet your eyes and I shudder
I watch the pride running through your veins, follow the arrogance when you’ve grown an inch or two taller
I hear your lips as the words shake
And you die a little inside
I see the flinch when you feel it
So I react, fist heavy,
and smile at the panic in your eyes,
broken by splintered glass
I watch the blood drain from your cheeks,
pale, terrified,
and I press the glass, blood staining
the memory of you
and I laugh because suddenly it isn’t mine, and it never was
Calvary spins my view out of focus, dizzy and new
and the last thing I see is your fall
the loud shattering
and I sing into the shards
of my mirror.

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