Love is a lot of things but mostly,
it hurts
and it hurts when kisses disappear and intimacy dies
it hurts when forever decides to play conditional and a promise
means a lot less than you thought it did
But it hurts more to know family, friend, and brother
and then to feel like you don’t
To watch decisions you sure wouldn’t have made and to recognize that
as your need for control
so that no one can leave, cry, wound again
you’re crying again, your eyes, sweetheart, dry them
Wash your hair, wash your hands
of the blood you tried to spill
It isn’t worth it
And for the love of everything and all, make yourself watch
Watch the decisions
Let the control you can’t express burn you like their lack of words
lack of action
lack of friendship already did so well
Feel it, own it, but destroy it
Believe in an ending that hasn’t yet arrived
Meet their conditional with His unconditional, love
flowers bloom more than once

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